Jianmin Fang


Dr. Fang Jianmin has over 20 years of experience in drug discovery and biopharmaceutical R&D in the United States and China. He is the inventor of more than 40 drug invention patents and has numerous publications in top peer-reviewed journals such as Nature Biotechnology, PNAs and Cancer Research. Dr. Fang is the inventor of our core drug products including telitacicept (RC18), disitamab vedotin (RC48) and RC28 as well as conbercept, the first wetAMD biologic drug commercialized in China. Dr. Fang is a professor of Molecular Medicine at Tongji University in Shanghai and a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the National Major Drug Innovation Program by the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Health of China where he advised on China’s drug innovation strategy. Dr. Fang is one of the few founders in China’s biopharmaceutical industry whose vision and broad range of experience in drug development has resulted in a successful track record in biologic drug development from discovery to commercialization. He received a Ph.D. in Biology from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada and completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School in Boston Children’s Hospital.